Prevention - prevention of diseases and their consequences

For us, taking care of the oral health of our patients is a priority. That is why we place great emphasis on the prevention of dental caries from early childhood in our young patients as well as adults. Preventive interventions and early diagnosis and possible treatment are the best medicine to achieve the desired goal of most patients - healthy teeth. A precise dental examination by a doctor as well as the use of modern diagnostic equipment will guarantee you an accurate result.

Just make an appointment for a preventive check-up and you will get to know how your teeth are doing.

A dental examination by a doctor, as well as a Diagnodent device and X-ray images, will guarantee a precise result.

Dental hygiene procedures, tartar removal, instruction on how to brush teeth and oral cavity, sealing of permanent teeth (filling grooves and pits) in children, dental fluoridation, treatment of incipient caries with Ozone, are an urgent part of preventive procedures. 

Prístroje ktoré využívame pri prevencii a diagnostike

RTG prístroj intraorálny a 3D CT RTG s 2D panoramatickým RTG na precíznu diagnostiku procesov v tvrdých a mäkkých tkanivách.

Liečba Ozónom na zastavenie odvápňovania zubov a na zastavenie počiatočného kazu.

Prístroj využívame aj na liečbu rôznych ochorení mäkkých tkanív a slizníc

Diagnodent na včasné rozpoznanie skorého kazu