Preventive dentistry 

Preventive procedures such as fluoridation, tooth sealing, and ozone treatment are aimed at stopping the formation and growth of tooth decay.

 Early diagnosis and treatment of tooth decay, inflammation, and other pathological processes in the jaws and periodontium.

 In addition to a precise examination, we perform the examination using our own X-ray and Diagnodent equipment. 

Preventive measures to stop descaling and initial decay with ozone, sealing grooves and pits and also fluoridation.

Aesthetic and restorative dentistry 

Treatment of dental caries is the most common problem and cause of pain, as well as its complications, which our patients present with. We perform: - treatment of initial caries with ozone, without the need to use a dental drill. - treatment of dental caries with direct fillings, according to the nature and depth of caries, taking into account the preservation of healthy dental pulp. - treatment of extensive tooth decay with the Cerec system, where we make a 3D scan of the tooth cavity and a 3D milled ceramic or zirconium filling, which we then insert (glue) into the tooth. In addition to quality and durability, our priority is to achieve a result that meets high aesthetic criteria. We make fillings, crowns, aesthetic veneers, or replacements in such a way that they stand out in their naturalness and at the same time we individualize them according to the requirements of our patients, whether it is the front or the back part of the teeth.

Reconstruction of damaged teeth 

One of the biggest challenges is the reconstruction of a lost or damaged tooth. Our clinic uses its own state-of-the-art Cerec system, which creates a high-quality restoration in a very short time, compared to standard and classic procedures where impressions were used and the work was performed by a dental technician. More info here. Some types of work are still sent to the dental technician to make a restoration. Especially extensive work and removable prostheses (prostheses). With this digital technology, we make 3D milled fillings, aesthetic veneers, and fixed replacements - crowns and bridges. In most cases, we make these from ceramics or zircon, less often from composites.


Treatment of damaged dental pulp and nerve cavity and subsequent filling of root canals. Diseases of the dental pulp are a very common complication of tooth decay or damage to a tooth caused by an accident or enamel wear. They are the cause of some of the strongest pain in the tooth and in the oral cavity. A tooth from which it is necessary to remove the dental pulp, after perfect treatment of either the root canal or the tooth crown itself (crown, inlay, onlay, overlay), can serve for decades For the precise treatment of root canals, we use instrumented endodontics with the use of a hanging X-ray for the accuracy of the procedures. More information here

Surgical dentistry 

Dental surgery, such as surgery on soft tissues or the periodontium. Also tooth extractions, whether simple or complicated, removal of left or broken tooth roots. Surgical interventions to eliminate pain. Treatment of perimaxillary inflammation of dental origin. Mainly surgical revision and removal of inflammatory processes. 

An integral part of all procedures is perfect and gentle anesthesia - numbing, so that the procedure is completely painless.

Dental calculus removal and dental hygiene 

Dental hygiene procedures belong to preventive and often therapeutic procedures for patients. We mainly remove tartar using ultrasound and manually. For dental hygiene, we also use the Airflow device and machine polishing with a special cleaning paste. We also carry out teeth whitening, either on an outpatient basis or we make a carrier for home whitening.