MUDr. Peter Svoboda, comprehensive dental care

Top-notch technology dental practice focused on diagnostics, prevention and mouth disease treatment, dental caries diagnostics and treatment, tooth damage and teeth losss, precious realization of all methods in the conservatory, prosthetics, and surgery dentistry. We provide the X-Ray service too. 
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Our workplace has the most modern 3D technology for the production of ceramic and zircon teeth called Cerec. Whether they are fillings that are inserted into a specific tooth (Inlay, Onlay), or crowns covering the entire damaged tooth. Replacement of a missing tooth with 3D Cerec technology, such as fixed (non-removable) bridges made of metal-free ceramic or zirconia.

Stomatological X-ray examination directly at us and in the chair and planned 3D CT X-ray for three-dimensional imaging for precise diagnosis of tooth damage, disease processes in the area of ​​teeth and jaws, such as e.g. inflammatory diseases.

Our dental practice is a reputable ambulance offering comprehensive dental care to our clients.

We provide the vast scale of services and diagnostics. We offer a wide range of procedures and diagnostic procedures with a focus on the prevention of tooth decay, prevention of damage to hard dental tissues and the periodontium, and treatment of tooth decay, all damage and loss of teeth using the most modern procedures and top technology. 

We also perform:

Dental surgery and tooth extractions.   Treatment of initial caries with Ozone, without the use of a dental drill. Diagnostics of tooth decalcification and caries with the Diagnodent device. Treatment of suffering dental pulp (nerve cavity) using precise instrumentation. 

We use an intraoral camera for better details and a visual demonstration during examination and treatment of tooth damage directly on the monitor in front of the patient