How do we treat tooth decay? 

The most frequent damage to hard dental tissues is caused by tooth decay. The latter is responsible for the overwhelming majority of losses of tooth mass or the entire tooth or dentition. Early diagnosis of tooth decay, inflammation and other pathologies. processes in the jaws and periodontium. In addition to a precise examination, we perform the examination using our own X-ray and Diagnodent equipment. After diagnosing tooth decay, we proceed to decide how to treat the tooth decay. During subsequent treatment and caries removal, we perform either:

-direct filling with which we cover the tooth (mostly so-called photocomposite or glass ionomer). These are applied directly from capsules, syringes or tubes to the tooth.

 -Indirect filling is the method in most cases for large tooth defects caused by decay or fracture. Here we make a filling outside the patient's mouth in a 3D milling machine after scanning the tooth, so-called Inlay, Onlay, Overlay, which are ceramic fillings made with a 3D milling machine. 

-In the case of initial decay, which is caught in the initial stage without any cavitation, i.e. the formation of a cavity in the tooth, we approach in some cases non-invasively and treat the dental defect with ozone, without using a dental drill.