System Cerec

Due to its extreme accuracy and speed, this closed system is the perfect choice of many of our patients. 

It takes an incredibly short time from a scan to a new tooth. 

After preparing the tooth, we will scan the teeth and the result will be stored in a powerful computer system, whose unique software will suggest the ideal result. It will create the restoration (filling, crowns, bridge) based on the parameters and materials that will be used for the work. After any modification and correction, the result is transferred to the 3D milling machine, which mills the identical result as in the design with a precision of a few microns. Subsequently, the work is fired in a furnace, tinted, and glazed. 

In case the work is time-consuming, we make protective aesthetic crowns for patients while they wait for definite ceramics or zirconia. Some types of tooth defect replacements (ceramic milled fillings in case of severe tooth damage, or solo crowns) are made after waiting for up to half an hour. This greatly reduces the time to solve problems and frustration. especially in the aesthetic part of the patient's teeth. The biggest advantage of these 3D works is top quality and aesthetics with extremely long durability. Painlessness during the entire process is also a big plus.

3D technology that will solve your problem quickly, aesthetically and with quality 

Our practice has cutting-edge technology, the only one of its kind on a global scale, which offers the possibility of making high-quality dental fixed restorations directly in the clinic. This ambulatory system is highly valued by the professional dental community worldwide, especially for its accuracy, quality and speed. It consists of a Cerec Primescan 3D scanner, a Cerec Primemill 3D mill, and a Cerec Speedfire ceramic and zirconia firing furnace.

This whole process can take up to one hour for metal-free ceramics or zirconia, just from the scanning itself to the delivery. For large works or solutions for all teeth, the entire process of tooth production is usually handled within one day.

Demonstrations of Cerec and works